Hello from Sydney!

Hello from Sydney!

Monday, August 31, 2015

"Serve Him with all your mind" August 31, 2015

I think I should be tested for ADHD.
Focus has been one of my biggest struggles on the mission, however, I know that blessings do come when our minds are centered on the Lord's work. As our minds are centered on the work, we are able to receive revelation to know how to evermore effectively invite others to come unto Christ. 

This week has been so good! 

Rose was baptised on Saturday! We were also able to refer her sons to the missionaries in Malaysia! The service was very nice and peaceful. The spirit was definitely present and all in the world was right. 

We had MLC (Mission Leadership Council) at the mission home. It was fun to be with all the missionaries I know and love dearly. We discussed how we can become more effective leaders. I love that in the WHB it tells us that leaders set the example by living the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We also talked a lot on becoming Preach My Gospel missionaries. PMG is the key to success as disciples of Jesus Christ, and especially as missionaries. I have learned so much from it and it has helped me so much in this work. I encourage you all to really study PMG when you're doing your scripture study!!!

We had a zone meeting. I love our zone! I'm grateful that we have very hardworking and faithful missionaries who set such great examples. Elder Orr and Elder Wilde are the zone leaders and they're so great. We all get along really well and it helps us work in unity to hasten the work in this part of the world. We had a really great training on learning and teaching by the spirit, where we were given a phrase or word from D&C 4 and had 1 minute to come up with a 1 minute lesson/testimony on that word. It was so powerful!! Of course mine was, 'serve with all your mind', which was super inspired because that is something I know I need to work on. 

On Thursday, we had a sisters conference with 4 other zones. That was really neat. I love President and Sister Checketts! They're so full of love! 

I went on trade-offs with Sister Bou-In from Thailand. We worked around the UNSW campus, which means we walk up and down ANZAC parade and talk to the students. The Elders wear non-pros when they have lessons on the uni, and we have to take our badges off.  We actually had a girl who asked if we had classes she could attend! It was super cool. Definitely golden.

We had 4 investigators come to church, which is more than I've had in a long time! It was really really neat to see them feel the spirit that comes at church. We had an amazing lesson with a referral named Sally. She's from Taiwan. at the end of our lesson, she said the closing prayer, and afterwards, she really felt Heavenly Father's love for her. It was beautiful. She's never felt anything like it before and she started bawling. She knows that God is her father and that he truly loves her. There's nothing more rewarding than to see others feel that love and recognise that God is real. 

Also, I found out that we have a Temple trip on the 15th of September. I have not been to the Temple since the beginning of December and it's been killing me!!!!! But lately, I've been doing a lot of preparation and studying to go to the Temple. I'm grateful that we have the House of the Lord here on the Earth so that we can come closer to Him, feel His love, and receive answers and revelation. I love the Temple!

Anyways...that's about it! Sydney is crowded and great. Spring is springing. :D
Love you all heaps,
Sister Lew 

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