Hello from Sydney!

Hello from Sydney!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Forever Finding - September 7, 2015

Miracles...we had 9 new investigators this week!!! 
We literally talked to everyone we possibly could this week, wasting no time at all. It was so great! Although there were times where I was so tired or just simply didn't feel like talking to anyone. We saw the immediate blessings that came from just approaching people and inviting them to come unto Christ. Considering there's millions of people here, we got many rejections. But that was okay! We feel good knowing we did what we could and planted seeds. Lots and lots of planting. 

We have such great investigators! 
Viviana is such a miracle! I don't know if I wrote about her or not...but she just feels so right with everything that the Spirit is teaching her. She wants to investigate more before she makes any big decisions, but she feels that this is the right path for her. 
Leon was able to come to church and the RC fireside last night! That was really neat. He just wants to learn and learn so that he can feel his faith.
Sally has amazing questions and is so keen on figuring out what God wants for her. 
and many more....

With everyone, we've been able to see how much they can feel the Spirit in their lives. It's BEAUTIFUL. 
With Nora

Another miracle, Baberly and Rose went to the Temple on Saturday! I've learned that one of the most important things to help recent converts stay active is to get them to the Temple soon and then have them go as often as possible!

Sunday was really good. Very powerful testimonies, especially on the Atonement. I often find myself forgetting to utilize the Atonement in EVERY aspect of my life. Yes, I'm prideful. Yes, I'm self-centered. and yes, I sometimes forget to put Heavenly Father's will ahead of my own, but I know that the Atonement can help me overcome all of these weaknesses...even the ones that hold me back from using it! 
Hendersons and Aslpulnds... the senior couples..

Breaking the fast
We have had a really good week overall. I love being back in the city! and I love the sisters I serve with. We went on exchanges with the other city sisters, Sister Prabang and Sister Nelson. We have so much fun together. We're just one big family :) and we all like to eat. It's all about the food; and the Spirit of course. 
With Sister Prabang and Sister Nelson

Sister Prabang
Sister Prabang and I were able to see miracles with the appointments we had. It was a pretty full-on day, but a good one nonetheless. 
Sister Valdes and I are going to make the most of what we have during these next two weeks. It's really sad to see so many great missionaries going home soon, especially all the ones I'm super close with, but it's so cool to see their bright futures because of their dedication to the Lord's work. 
Stuffed French Toast with Sister Valdes

Went on "splits" with Sister Nelson
Today for P-day, we're going to Coogee beach as a zone for a sausage sizzle :) yayyyyy

I love you all, have a fabulous week!
Sister Lew

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