Hello from Sydney!

Hello from Sydney!

Monday, August 31, 2015

"Serve Him with all your mind" August 31, 2015

I think I should be tested for ADHD.
Focus has been one of my biggest struggles on the mission, however, I know that blessings do come when our minds are centered on the Lord's work. As our minds are centered on the work, we are able to receive revelation to know how to evermore effectively invite others to come unto Christ. 

This week has been so good! 

Rose was baptised on Saturday! We were also able to refer her sons to the missionaries in Malaysia! The service was very nice and peaceful. The spirit was definitely present and all in the world was right. 

We had MLC (Mission Leadership Council) at the mission home. It was fun to be with all the missionaries I know and love dearly. We discussed how we can become more effective leaders. I love that in the WHB it tells us that leaders set the example by living the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We also talked a lot on becoming Preach My Gospel missionaries. PMG is the key to success as disciples of Jesus Christ, and especially as missionaries. I have learned so much from it and it has helped me so much in this work. I encourage you all to really study PMG when you're doing your scripture study!!!

We had a zone meeting. I love our zone! I'm grateful that we have very hardworking and faithful missionaries who set such great examples. Elder Orr and Elder Wilde are the zone leaders and they're so great. We all get along really well and it helps us work in unity to hasten the work in this part of the world. We had a really great training on learning and teaching by the spirit, where we were given a phrase or word from D&C 4 and had 1 minute to come up with a 1 minute lesson/testimony on that word. It was so powerful!! Of course mine was, 'serve with all your mind', which was super inspired because that is something I know I need to work on. 

On Thursday, we had a sisters conference with 4 other zones. That was really neat. I love President and Sister Checketts! They're so full of love! 

I went on trade-offs with Sister Bou-In from Thailand. We worked around the UNSW campus, which means we walk up and down ANZAC parade and talk to the students. The Elders wear non-pros when they have lessons on the uni, and we have to take our badges off.  We actually had a girl who asked if we had classes she could attend! It was super cool. Definitely golden.

We had 4 investigators come to church, which is more than I've had in a long time! It was really really neat to see them feel the spirit that comes at church. We had an amazing lesson with a referral named Sally. She's from Taiwan. at the end of our lesson, she said the closing prayer, and afterwards, she really felt Heavenly Father's love for her. It was beautiful. She's never felt anything like it before and she started bawling. She knows that God is her father and that he truly loves her. There's nothing more rewarding than to see others feel that love and recognise that God is real. 

Also, I found out that we have a Temple trip on the 15th of September. I have not been to the Temple since the beginning of December and it's been killing me!!!!! But lately, I've been doing a lot of preparation and studying to go to the Temple. I'm grateful that we have the House of the Lord here on the Earth so that we can come closer to Him, feel His love, and receive answers and revelation. I love the Temple!

Anyways...that's about it! Sydney is crowded and great. Spring is springing. :D
Love you all heaps,
Sister Lew 

Monday, August 24, 2015

Lead With Love

This week has been so amazing! We have had miracles and miracles!

Miracle #1: Rose is preparing to be baptised on the 29th of August (THIS SATURDAY!) 
She came to both sessions of Stake Conference and loved it, even though she couldn't understand quite a fair bit. She felt the spirit. As we talked about her baptismal date, she recognised that it was soon but KNEW with all of her heart that this is what Heavenly Father needs her to do at this time in her life. She is willing to do all that He asks of her. She told us she couldn't come to the Sunday session of conference, but we explained that as she puts God first in her life, everything else will work out and she will be blessed. She was still hesitant, but on Sunday morning she texted us saying that she'll see us at church! We had a great lesson with her this morning and feel that she is being prepared by the Spirit to receive the blessings God wants her to have. 
We are also hoping that her sons back in Malaysia will start meeting with the missionaries soon!

Miracle #2: Sister Metcalf e-mailed me saying that Jess from Newcastle will be baptised this Saturday as well!!!!! And her husband came to church, which is a HUGE step! I know that Heavenly Father prepares people in His own timing. 

Miracle #3: I went on trade offs with Sister Sindorff in Summer Hill and Sister Tian in South Harbour! I love the sisters SOOOOOO much! ❤They are so inspiring. Such great examples of our Saviour, who we have the great privilege of representing everyday for the rest of our lives. That's right, not just for 18 months, but our entire lives after we enter the waters of baptism and receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. I'm so grateful for the opportunity I've had to get to know them and learn from them. Even more so, this assignment has allowed me to feel and express the love that Heavenly Father has for them. He really does love us all SO much. We have such great potential as His children. 

Tradeoffs have been really fun. We don't have a car, so we travel by train and bus with our suitcase. Yay for being homeless! 

Lately, I've been studying what it means to be a 'consecrated' missionary. To be consecrated is to understand and fulfill the potential we have been given, and rely on the Saviour to do His work. We need to exert ALL that we have to this great work. We need to lay everything on the Altar of Sacrifice and put our focus on the Lord. This is hard. Thank goodness we have the Atonement to help us overcome that and master self-control. 

I absolutely LOVE working with Sister Valdes! I learn so much from her every day. She is the epitome of a consecrated missionary and I'm always left in awe by the way she fulfills and magnifies her calling. I am so grateful to serve with her :) 

I love being a missionary. It is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I'm sad that I didn't realise that I had this calling before I had a name badge, however, I now know I can keep it with me for the rest of my life. 
I want to invite you to watch this video. Pay attention to the impressions you receive. Pray and think of someone you can share the Gospel with THIS week and how you can be a missionary everyday. I promise that as you do so, you will find the joy that comes from seeing someone accept the blessings that we have as members of the church. 

I love you all! Have a great week! 

Sister Lew

Fearless -- August 17th

"When we fear, we're just having an identity crisis"

The above statement is so incredibly true. We are children of our Heavenly Father. We have divine potential. As we completely rely on the Saviour and His Atonement, we can do ALL things. 

Being back in the city has reminded me that I have no need to fear. I have Christ by my side at all times as I continue to keep the commandments and do all I can to serve my Heavenly Father. 
I love how busy it is here! Miracles are everywhere. Literally. I've been reminded that everyone we see is a child of God, and as missionaries, we have the privilege of inviting them to come unto Christ. We are constantly talking to people on the streets and trains. We have a pretty solid teaching pool. Sister Valdes speaks Spanish and is able to bring  many many Spanish speaking people the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

We had a baptism on Saturday! Giulia from Italy! She is the epitome of "golden investigator". She met the elders on the street and from then on, she's been coming to every activity and to church every week. She just soaks in the Gospel and knows it's right. She shines and glows with the spirit. It was a beautiful service!!!

It's nice to be back in the YSA ward! It's even more transient than Vic1!! So many changes have occurred, but it's also nice to see the familiar faces. I love the missionaries I'm serving with. They're all fantastic and we get along really well. It's nice to work closely with missionaries and feel the unity that the City missionaries have. We just all love each other. :D We're one big family. 

What else has happened....
We attended the mission call opening of a sister, and she's going to Sweden! It reminded me of when I opened my call. The spirit was so strong and everything felt right and perfect. I can't believe that I'm a missionary! Although it wasn't an overly huge focus for me growing up, I've seen how the Lord has prepared me to be here at this time. I'm so grateful for my loving parents who have raised me in the Gospel and set an excellent example. I'm learning what it means to follow the path of Christ. 

I love seeing how Christ directs His work. It's truly beautiful. 

I love you all heaps! Have a great week!

Sister Lew

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Give Me Mountains to Climb Letter from August 10, 2015

"You never quit and you never turn back when you're in the middle of a hill". 
This whole Gospel is about endurance. We chose to come to Earth to become like our Heavenly Father. We need to learn and grow from our experiences...both the good and hard and bad. 

G'day from SYDNEY!

We had transfers! This was a big one. There were 76 or so missionaries at the parking lot in Normanhurst where we met. Many of my very good friends are leaving, but so many are coming in and miracles are going to happen in the Australia Sydney North Mission. 
I got my transfer call on Thursday night, and President Checketts called me on Friday to extend the assignment of being a Sister Training Leader. Last night, I found out that I was coming BACK to the city!!! So now, I'm e-mailing from my birthplace. :D 

Harbour City district 2…all that's left of us.
My new companion is Sister Valdes and she is absolutely beautiful! She was companions with Sister Weiss and Sister Cluff, two of my favourites! (I love all the sisters). We are excited to work together and allow the Lord to smash the work and love the sisters that we will be working with!! 

This week has been full of miracles!!! I love and miss Sister Uitu dearly :( But she will smash Newcastle. I was sad to say bye to the members and those that we work with, but I know the Lord has great plans for them. 
With Jess at Time Out for Women
Janet and Evelyn Parkes

With June

Marlies and Chris Reed
Jess came with us to Time Out for Women down in Sydney! That was FANTASTIC! Sheri Dew wasn't able to attend, but she skyped in for her presentation. Sister Dalton, Sister Turley (Cosette on Broadway 10 years ago!!!), Sister Swenson (the author of Pres. Monson's biography), Brother Wilcox, and Brother Archuleta were all presenters. I reckon there were about 1,500 women there. The spirit was so strong and I was able to receive a lot of revelation, especially going into this new assignment and loving and serving the sisters. I got David Archuleta to sign my PMG ;) It was awesome how he shared experiences from his mission. I don't have my journal with me at the moment, so it's hard for me to share everything that I learned. God loves us. The healing and enabling power of the Atonement of our Saviour, Jesus Christ, is SO real! We can overcome ALL that we face as we fully rely on the Lord for all things. I'm truly blessed for this sacred opportunity I have to help people discover and remember the Atonement for themselves. 

Meeting David Archuleta
The Fukofukas


Nicci and Sister Metcalf

So, I didn't really get to say bye to anyone in Newcastle. Thankfully, many of the sisters went to TOFW. We drove down with members and Jess, and they dropped us off at Temple Accomodation. We stayed in Sydney for the weekend before transfers. We were with the Ryde sisters, so I got to go to the Mandarin speaking ward!!! It was great! 

Before the members dropped us off, we went to macca's and krispy kreme for a final hurrah! It was lovely. I also got fed heaps this past week. I can't wait to lose weight! 

I honestly can't remember all that happened last week. It was such a busy blur...and being back in the city makes Newcastle seem like a dream. But it was amazing. I'm so grateful for the privilege I had to see the Lord work miracles. 

Last night, we had a mission fireside with David Archuleta, the Daltons, and the Swensons. That was amazing. David sang a beautiful acapella version of Come, Come Ye Saints. One of the greatest things I learned from him was humility. We have this privilege to serve our Heavenly Father. Christ has called us to represent Him, and He is the one directing this work. Everything is so inspired in this work. I saw it today, especially, as we were going through transfers. We can't do anything in this life alone. We need to purely rely on the Lord to help us. 

So much has happened and words can't express what I'm feeling right now. I'm just trying to serve the Lord with all of my being and letting Him take control of it all. 

I would like to invite you to ask Heavenly Father to give you mountains to climb. Ask Him what He needs you to learn so that we can become more like Him. Ask him to show us our weakness (Ether 12:27) so that we can make them strengths. Write down your impressions. 

Have a great week! I love you all heaps! 

Sister Lew

Sister Little


Army of Helaman Letter from August 3, 2015

2 Timothy 2:3

 Thou therefore endure hardnessas good soldier of Jesus Christ.

This has become one of my favourite scriptures in the past couple of weeks. We are soldiers of Christ and the fight is not easy. We need to endure. I feel like all I've been doing has been enduring for the past couple of transfers. Thank goodness for the Atonement to carry me the whole way. Sister Uitu and I have seen countless miracles since we started together. The miracles have been blessings from endurance because it definitely has not been an easy road. 

Our investigator, Jess, came to church yesterday!! She's been progressing really well! And she's coming with us to a women's conference in Sydney this weekend! And Sheri Dew, Brad Wilcox, and David Archuleta will be there!! So stoked! Jess is the sweetest lady. She's a couple years older than me. She knows that the Gospel will improve her life and help her overcome her trials. 
We meet so many people who experience so much pain and suffering and I can't imagine how they do it without the Atonement. 

Kirby is progressing well! I just love the initiative she's taking in implementing the Gospel into her family life. It's very inspiring. 

The weather has been BEAUTIFUL over here!!! It's nice, warm, and SUNNY! I'm wearing my spring time clothes! basically, the same thing i normally wear without stockings. 

Church was awesome! Great experiences and growth from fasting. Testimony meeting was sweet as. The primary kids all got up to bear their testimonies and were super excited about it. We loved it! The spirit was so strong! 

A YSA that we work with just got her mission call to Auckland, NZ, Tongan speaking.!! So that's exciting!!! We're helping her prepare to leave. 

Everything else in Newcastle is going well. It's the last week of the 8 week transfer. We're all excited to see what the Lord has in store for our zone. I'm so grateful for the leadership we have. President and Sister Checketts are so great!! Elder Watts and Elder Nielsen are the best zone leaders and Elder Ezra has so much patience with me. The revelation they receive is incredible..and when we've acted on it, we've seen MIRACLES throughout the whole zone. 

Food fun:
I finally got fed home cooked Chinese food by the one active Chinese member in the ward (she's been gone for a few months)
the Metcalf's made home made pizza and churros :) :) 
We had sisters date night and spoiled ourselves by getting a nice steak. 

Love you heaps,
Sister Lew

I'm still alive! Letter from July 27, 2015


This past week has been pretty standard. We've met with a lot of our new investigators that we've found in the past few weeks. Well, we attempted to. Many of them cancelled, didn't pick up, or weren't home when we dropped by. It was still nice. We did a lot of walking and finding. We also visited a lot of the elderly single women in our ward, so that was nice. Many of them are in hospital, so we spent a few hours there on Saturday. 

We had our first interviews with President and Sister Checketts, so that was great! I absolutely love them!! President and I went into the scriptures and just read and sought inspiration. It was great! 

We have a new WML! Brother Boeree is fantastic, and we're sad to see him be released, but we're excited to work with Brother Little. He's very enthusiastic about the work. We have 7 great missionaries in Newcastle (oh yeah, the ZL's got a new missionary!), so we're trying to figure out how we can most effectively help our ward. There's a lot of LA work to do. We're also struggling with retention of our RC's. So we're praying for inspiration and revelation.

Some insight I gained this week:
How we use our agency determines our destiny:
Celestial - Joy
Terrestrial - Happiness
Telestial - Fun

I love the pioneer history we have in our family!!! From both the Lee and Lew sides! Even though Mel was talking about her family, it reminded me of the sacrifices that were made for all of us to be where we are. 

Anyways, that was about it. We're just really working on helping our current teaching pool progress altogether. 

Psalms 62:7-8

Have a great week! 

Sister Lew

Letter July 20, 2015

This week was freezing and wet. Hats, scarves, gloves, coats, boots, tights...you name it, I was wearing it.

But it was a miracle week nonetheless! We have been busy, busy, busy! 

Lessons learned:

Act immediately on any thought or impression, no matter how big or small it is.
We had subtle promptings that led to big miracles.
1. We were asked to visit a sister in the ward, so we planned to visit her on Saturday. However, we felt inspired to visit her on Friday. We went to her former address, then realised that wasn't where she lived, so we had to wait for buses and walk in the freezing cold for a while. We got there and had a nice visit with her, and then her LA granddaughter came. We didn't realise it right away, but we met the granddaughter a few days earlier, while trying to visit an investigator! She was in the house, and we saw her for a brief second. She wants to see what the Gospel can do for her and has agreed to meet with us! She has a beautiful family and we know that the Gospel can bless their family so much! 
Had we not been there at that time (gone through all the maafaan), we wouldn't have met her! 

2. Shortly after our visit with this sister, we were debating whether we should go visit a PM family, go to the bus stop, or use the restroom. We decided to go to the toilet in the shopping center. After walking in, I saw a Samoan guy staring at us, so I went up and talked to him. (Most Polys here have an association with the church). We introduced ourselves and asked if he's ever met missionaries, and he said he was a member! We met his brother too, and they've both been LA for a number of years. However, they agreed to meet with us! 

3. After church, we went out to visit a few potential investigators. We missed our first bus and had to wait. After we finally got on the bus, I thought we were supposed to get off at the shopping centre and transfer, even though we were meant to stay on the bus. So I got off, and my companion didn't tell me it was the wrong stop until after the bus had left. While at the bus stop, both my companion and I were talking to the only 2 people there and they both have a sincere interest and desire to learn. I was able to teach the restoration as well as give him a Book of Mormon. Trevor ( the guy I talked to) was really keen!! 

We just needed to be at the right place at the right time to see all of these miracles the Lord has blessed us with. 

One more example! We were walking to the bus stop, then ran into a LA sister we meet with and she had just gone to the shops to buy snacks, then she decided to give the bag for us so that we can eat them while we study! (her sister just got back last month and said she always needed snacks...) so that was a fun miracle!

Our investigators are progressing in the Lord's time, which is not always what we hope for, but it's His will nonetheless. We've been so blessed to meet so many people who are prepared to receive the Gospel! 

We had a great experience with one of our members on Tuesday! Sister Triffitt invited us over for dinner. As we gathered to the lounge to share our message, I looked up and saw a Children's Hymn book and asked if we could sing a hymn. She was more than excited because she loves music! We sang Sweet Hour of Prayer and it was beautiful. After, she asked if we could just keep singing. We sang hymn after hymn and the spirit was so strong! Music is a powerful tool that Heavenly Father has given us to worship and invite the spirit into our lives. It was amazing. It was so fun too!! I love music, although I can't sing. We started harmonizing into parts and had a spiritual, uplifting jam session. I'm so grateful for music! 

Study the lyrics of hymn #143, Let the Holy Spirit Guide and write down your thoughts and impressions. Then study Chapter 4 of PMG. 
Let me know how it goes :)

Love you heaps! Have a great week!

Sister Lew

There will be miracles when you believe! Letter from July 13, 2015

We had countless miracles!! Have faith when you set goals and have the faith that you will achieve them!! With that faith, say detailed prayers to your Heavenly Father. 

We found many souls that are prepared to receive the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. and by we, I mean the spirit and my awesome soa. Sister Uitu is a faith-finding machine! I feel so blessed to be with someone so humble and in tune with the spirit. 

One thing that helped us a lot with our finding this week was having the faith to be bold. Do or do not, there is no try. Trying gets us nowhere. We have to 'just do it' in order to achieve anything. 
This was the training that we received in our Zone Meeting. "Just do it". Trust that the Lord will guide you. Nothing happens until we open our mouths and proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

We had a miracle with Kirby!!! We had a great lesson with her as we taught her the message of the Restoration. We asked her what her goals are for her and her family. She said that she wants to be sealed to her family for eternity. That moment was so beautiful. The spirit filled the room instantly. As we talked about her goals and vision, we discussed the effort it would require. She has agreed to be baptised on September 30th! Although it seems far away, it's coming up quick! (they need to get married and sort stuff out...)

This past week, we also had a great lesson with a LA member of over 50 years...
He's been struggling in his life for a long long time. He left the church over 50 years ago. He never denied the truthfulness of it, but it just didn't 'suit' him. However, apparently he was praying to Heavenly Father for help, and shortly after that, Sister Uitu and I rocked up and knocked on his door. We know that the spirit guided us there. He is accepting the Saviour back into His life and we all know that God was the director behind all of it. It was so powerful as he bore testimony and acknowledged the change he wants to make in his life. 

I had the best trade-off ever with Sister Mikaele-Pali, our Sister Training Leader. She's amazing!! I absolutely love her! We even have matching sheets and towels from Wal-Mart! We also finish each others' sentences haha. She reminded me of who I really am. This next part will sound a little narcissistic. As I've the advice of President Hinckley's father, to "forget yourself and go to work", I've been struggling with my 'identity'. Losing yourself in the work is so rewarding, but it can be scary. Lately, I've been trying to figure out who I am. I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, who used to be someone else, and who is never looking back. I have been called to cry repentance to the children of God. I am Sister Lew. I like to dance, have fun, and laugh. I love music and find that it's one of the best ways to feel the spirit. I can have fun and do this work. I can be myself and smile. I can be "Little Miss Sunshine", like I used to be in High School (according to every single club I was a part of). This is who the Lord needs me to be to serve His children here. 

What else...
I gave a talk in sacrament meeting yesterday. yay. 

We're in a cold snap right now. this week will be freezing. It finally feels like winter. Except, I didn't prepare for that :/and I got a haircut!

Love you all! 
Sister Lew

1 year! Letter from July 6, 2015

Shoal Bay
It's been one year since we were all together at Nin Nin's house. WHAT THE HECK, how insane is that? In 3 days, I'll hit my one year mark. I can't believe it. It's flown by, but at the same time, it's been so long. It's been a great year. I can look back and say that I am happy and proud of the person I have become in these 12 months. I have become a disciple of Jesus Christ. Although I still struggle to act like it sometimes, I know who I am. I am a daughter of a Heavenly King. I am a disciple of Christ. I do my best to follow His example and live His gospel. As a missionary, I've learned that this is the Lord's work. Not mine. It is directed by Him and He leads and guides us through the Holy Ghost. 

My testimony has grown tremendously. I know with all of my being that my Saviour and Redeemer lives. He performed the Atonement so that we can overcome our sins, transgressions, and suffering. Because He lives, we too can live with our Heavenly Father. I know that families are eternal. I know the Book of Mormon is true. It is the word of God and it testifies of Christ. It was translated by the prophet, Joseph Smith. I know that he did see God and Jesus Christ, and restored the Church of Jesus Christ on the Earth again. We have a living prophet on the Earth today. He is called by God and continues to receive revelation for God's children today. I am here because of President Monson and the revelation he's received to call me to be a missionary at the age of 19. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints contains the fullness of the ever-lasting gospel. I'm so grateful for the opportunity I've had to be raised in this Gospel. I'm grateful for the opportunity I have to share it with God's children in Australia. 

I am a witness to the Lord's miracles. He loves His children and wants to bless them. It's amazing how much joy, peace, and happiness the gospel can bring people. This Gospel is so beautiful. 

This week has been full of cancelled appointments and beautiful weather for finding more of God's children to receive the Gospel. It has been hard. But that's okay! We can't expect it to be easy if it wasn't easy for the Saviour. Sister Uitu and I have grown a lot together as a companionship, and I'm so grateful for that. I'm incredibly grateful for the gift of forgiveness, love, and patience. She definitely has that because I know that I fall short so frequently. Thank goodness we have the Atonement. Without it, I would definitely not be here. 

Sister Uitu and I
What else has happened...

we celebrated the 4th of July with sparklers! That was fun! 
It's cold but sunny!
I have at least 5 more weeks in Newcastle! 
President Packer passed away :( 

I love you heaps! I hope you have a great week!!

Hermana Lew

My 4th of July creation

Sparklers for the 4th of July
Elder Lucerna's going away party

Hugs, Kisses, and Goodbyes OH MY! Letter from June 29, 2015

Last zone conference with Pres and Sis Howes
I haven't been this spiritually, mentally, and emotionally drained in a long time. The draining came from amazing experiences though. 

We had our last Zone Conference with President and Sister Howes. That was intense. As soon as it started I was already bawling. The spirit in that meeting was so incredibly strong. There was so much love. I feel so safe when I'm with them. I realised that as missionaries, we leave our parents to be under the direction of Heavenly Father, through our mission parents. I know that we have Heavenly parents who love us far more than we can possibly imagine. This love is incredible. We have divine potential as children of God. I have come to know this love through President and Sister Howes. God loves ALL of His children. This is why He has called us to serve, to invite and help His children to return and live with Him for eternity.
We had last interviews with Sister Howes and President Howes gave us each a blessing. It was one of the most beautiful blessings I've ever had. We did workshops with the Assistants as well, and one of the activities was to share a scripture and bear testimony of what it means to us. That was really cool! So many good insights and testimonies. We have such great missionaries in Newcastle Zone. I am so blessed to be able to serve with some of the elect. 
It was incredibly hard to say goodbye to President and Sister Howes, but I am looking forward to serving with President and Sister Checketts. They arrive on Wednesday. Exciting stuff!
I know that the Lord has called me at this time to serve both the Howes' and the Checketts'. There are lessons I need to learn from both of them, and that their leadership is needed for the people of the Sydney North Mission at this current time. There is a purpose behind God's plan for us. 

We also had to temporarily say 'bye' to Jenni :( She went up the coast to live with her parents for a while. 

But enough goodbyes! 

I'm 20 years old now! Sister Howes called and wished me a happy birthday! One thing really stuck out to me. She said, "thank you for being worthy to be here for your 20th birthday". I know that without the Atonement of our Saviour, Jesus Christ, I would not be here. Forgiveness and repentance is a beautiful gift from our Heavenly Father. I'm grateful for the opportunity I have to share this message with everyone. Nobody is perfect, but we are all given the chance to overcome all of our flaws, mistakes, and sins through the Atonement. 

June 27, 1844, Joseph and Hyrum Smith were shot. I studied D&C 135 in my personal study. My testimony of the Prophet Joseph Smith grew so much that day. I'm so grateful for the sacrifices that were made so that we could have the Gospel of Jesus Christ on the earth today. I'm grateful that I now have the knowledge that I can be with my family forever. I would not be here (like...alive) had Joseph Smith not had the humility and faith to pray on that beautiful spring morning in 1820. 

I didn't tell anyone, other than the sisters in our flat, that it was my birthday, yet they all found out. Those darn elders... sneaky sneaky. But it was sweet! I got to celebrate by doing a service project with the ward and cleaning a house of a member. Then we had pizza with a few members, taught Allen, then were with Marlies. Finally we went to the Skelton's for my birthday dinner, where they made pizza! The elders told them, so they ran out and got this delicious chocolate macedamia nut cake and other sweets :) It was really nice and low key. Then we came home to a decorated room full of streamers and balloons! LOVED IT. It was a great birthday! Full of miracles as well!
Throughout the day, we lost keys and we were with people that lost keys. The first thing to do when you lose something is to PRAY, not look for it quite yet. Prayer works. We will be inspired on what we should do to find/replace whatever was lost.

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Celebrating with the Skeltons

Also, we learned that persistence is key in this work! We've been working with a less-active part-member family since I've been here. They've shown interest on and off, but lately, as we keep going by and showing our love for them, they've started to open up. The dad and son came to the service activity and were able to interact with members of the EQ. After that, they came to church the next day for all 3 hours!! (they have only been to church 1 time since I've been here). The Lord truly prepares his children in his own time. It was amazing to see them there. Now we're working with the ward to help them progress. 

Sister Uitu and I were walking to an appointment, when suddenly, I said, "we shouldn't go there". I had the strongest impression that we weren't meant to see Bianca. Sister Uitu then said, "I was just thinking that"...Then we were troubled with what we should do instead. We decided to call a member who lived nearby but said she didn't want visits for the next few weeks because she had a lot on. We were nervous, but as she picked up, she said "I was just thinking about you sisters...come on over!" We had a really nice discussion with her, which led me to tears...Her name is Margaret, and she's an older lady. She's so lovely and sweet. We love visiting her. Her faith is so amazing, and we're so grateful for the bold testimony she shares with us every time we see her.
I also got so rebuked last night. I felt prompted to go see a member after saying bye to Jenni, but it was dark and cold, and we knew she had a big day and probably wanted to spend time with her family. I was even in the middle of writing her a text, then let the natural man take over. DUMB IDEA. We were on the bus, after waiting in the cold for 30 mins, and the member called us and asked how far away we were and if we wanted to come over for dinner and she could drive us home. I felt so stupid for not listening to the spirit. Don't do that. 

My invitation to you is to ALWAYS listen to the spirit. Whether the prompting is big or subtle, follow it! 

Anyways, today, we're going over to Nelson's Bay! That should be good. 

ALSO. I got my birthday package! THANK YOU!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!! and Janet Parkes loved the milanos :P 

Love you heaps! Have a great week!

Sister Lew