Hello from Sydney!

Hello from Sydney!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

I'm still alive! Letter from July 27, 2015


This past week has been pretty standard. We've met with a lot of our new investigators that we've found in the past few weeks. Well, we attempted to. Many of them cancelled, didn't pick up, or weren't home when we dropped by. It was still nice. We did a lot of walking and finding. We also visited a lot of the elderly single women in our ward, so that was nice. Many of them are in hospital, so we spent a few hours there on Saturday. 

We had our first interviews with President and Sister Checketts, so that was great! I absolutely love them!! President and I went into the scriptures and just read and sought inspiration. It was great! 

We have a new WML! Brother Boeree is fantastic, and we're sad to see him be released, but we're excited to work with Brother Little. He's very enthusiastic about the work. We have 7 great missionaries in Newcastle (oh yeah, the ZL's got a new missionary!), so we're trying to figure out how we can most effectively help our ward. There's a lot of LA work to do. We're also struggling with retention of our RC's. So we're praying for inspiration and revelation.

Some insight I gained this week:
How we use our agency determines our destiny:
Celestial - Joy
Terrestrial - Happiness
Telestial - Fun

I love the pioneer history we have in our family!!! From both the Lee and Lew sides! Even though Mel was talking about her family, it reminded me of the sacrifices that were made for all of us to be where we are. 

Anyways, that was about it. We're just really working on helping our current teaching pool progress altogether. 

Psalms 62:7-8

Have a great week! 

Sister Lew

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