Hello from Sydney!

Hello from Sydney!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

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Me and Sister Yu on 11/11
Pepero Day 
    Pepero Day is an observance in South Korea similar to Valentine's Day, but held on November 11. The original purpose of the Pepero Day was to exchange peperos with each other in hopes of becoming taller and thinner. The current purpose is to exchange peperos to show affection for friends and loved-ones.

I know that Heavenly Father has placed me here for a very specific reason.  To help myself and Sister Yu develop Christlike attributes such as patience, charity and humility.  Actually…I can honestly say that we've had to develop all Christlike attributes that are mentioned in PMG ch 6.  As I've reflected on my recent studies, I've learned that Heavenly Father is patient with our weaknesses, therefore we must be patient with ourselves and others for our weaknesses.  I also asked myself the question, "Lord, is it I?" this week.  I've recently learned (well, finally starting to apply) this principle in my life.  I love controlling things, but I realise many things are out of my control.  The only thing I can control is myself and my attitude towards things.

This week, Sister Yu and I have seen so many miracles that have come from careful planning, diligence and obedience.  We know that all of these things, as led by the Spirit, are the key to success. Opening an area is hard. We started off with no area book, no teaching pool and an assignment to work with students who are preparing for final exams and then will return home shortly.  However, I've been able to see this as a blessing and a great opportunity to "plant seeds".  Although we are doing everything we can to invite people to come unto Christ, we are finding success in the invitation.  We have finally started to build a teaching pool!  We have 2 very good investigators, Ken and Charles.  Both of whom are being really prepared to receive the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Ken attended a baptismal service with us and really enjoyed it.

Other cool spiritual experiences:
One night in planning, we decided to thoroughly plan our travel route with specific modes of transportation in the hopes that if we pray, plan and find with faith, the Lord will provide investigators for us to teach.  AND HE DID! It was so cool!  We fasted and prayed to know how we can help the people in our area accept the Restored Gospel and Heavenly Father really heard our cries. It motivated us to just keep finding and finding and finding.  Even in the crazy rain we've been having! Although there are times when it's hard, we keep reminding ourselves that this isn't about us, but the salvation of our brothers and sisters.  I'm so grateful to have a companion who is willing to work with me to help the Lord hasten His work.

Something I've been thinking about recently are the "fruits of the first vision". I'm so grateful for the Restored Gospel in my life. It has tremendously blessed and changed my family. It's great to know that God is our Father and that He loves us. It's even greater to be able to feel His love in our lives. It's such a blessing to know that we have a Saviour, to help us overcome not only sin, but trial and temptation. He's there to give us that extra strength to keep us going 'til the very end. I love this gospel with all of my heart and am soooo happy I get to share it with the students of Macquarie Uni :)

Anyways, that's about it.  I love Australia.  I love the people, the ward, the mission, the missionaries, the weather and absolutely everything!  I'm trying to smash it out these next few weeks….it's exhausting, but I love it! :) :)

Love you Heaps!!

Sister Lew

Some photos from my previous area:

Sister Luo and I trading clothes and name tags!

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