Hello from Sydney!

Hello from Sydney!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!

Frozen drinks in the HOT weather.
It's summer in the land down under.

Korean Food with the Elders
Happy Thanksgiving!! This year, I will be spending thanksgiving at Chinese conference again!! Yay! 
And the Christmas season is starting! Shopping centres are being decorated, the Checketts' Christmas tree is up, and the Temple Christmas lights start next week!!

It's the greatest time to reflect on the blessings from the Gospel of Jesus Christ. A blessing that has been on my mind all week is the knowledge of the Plan of Salvation. This includes the sealing power. I've been studying temples and eternal marriage in preparation for various lessons we've had. I am so incredibly grateful to know that my family is eternal. Families are so important to God's plan of happiness. They provide us the greatest joy and peace in this life. It's sad to see how Satan really is attacking families from all angles to destroy this beautiful plan. I know that families built on gospel teachings can have such strong relationships. We can also experience the greatest sorrows within the family, but as we are faithful and keep enduring to the end, we know we will be rewarded in the end. I had the great privilege of going to the Temple this morning. I just love the spirit that is there and the love I feel from my Heavenly Father. That love is what I feel from my own parents and the love I hope my future family can feel. It was such an overwhelming feeling that brought me to tears. I knew at that moment that this is what this plan is all about. The happiness and joy I felt then is the greatest joy I could possibly feel. I'm so incredibly grateful for the Saviour in making this plan possible. 
Lunch at the mission home with Sister Checketts
Last week was HOT. 43 degrees...110 F for all you Americans. Bring on summer! But it was a great week!! We are finally starting to build our teaching pool and meet with investigators! It's been really good. I know that Heavenly Father is preparing his children everywhere to receive the gospel. We need to be obedient to the promptings of the spirit to find them. We were standing at the bus stop, and it was incredibly hot, I was starting to get cranky, and I was hesitant to talk to people. I kept getting the feeling to talk to the guy next to me though, and so slightly begrudgingly, I did. His name is Johnson. He didn't have any particular interest to learn, but was still willing to meet with us. He came to church on Sunday and we were super excited! It was such a blessing! We set an appointment up for yesterday with a member, but he didn't show. We were discouraged and were scared he just didn't really want to learn. Later in the evening, we received a text saying he forgot about our meeting and he wants to know when we can set up a time to teach him about the Bible! We were so excited! It was such a blessing. I know as we act on the promptings of the Spirit, we will find those who are so ready to accept the Gospel. They're all around us. 

Life is good. Aus is hot. 一切好! 一切好! 

Love & peace,
Sister Lew
Chinese Hot Pot with some members

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