Hello from Sydney!

Hello from Sydney!

Monday, May 18, 2015

Still in Newcastle!

It's official, Newcastle is my longest area (so far)! :) I'm happy I can stay, but a little bummed because I won't be speaking Chinese as often. Sister Hu went home and Sister Yu got transferred to Ryde ward! We're getting Sister Afualo and she'll be training a new missionary :) It's crazy how fast time flies. This transfer will be 4 weeks...and then after that I have 6 months left. How did that happen????

It's been a beautiful week here in Newcastle. The weather is starting to cool down heaps, leaves are changing colours and falling, and the work is moving! 

Hot chocolate on a cool winter day :) 
Shulin is progressing really well. We taught him the Plan of Salvation and he just loved it. He's already read through Enos in the Book of Mormon (It's been 2 weeks), and he reset his own baptismal date! The date we initially set for him was a little rushed, but he is now preparing for June 6th. We're so excited!
We have an investigator, Kylie, who is progressing really well. She's been keeping the Word of Wisdom and she's started to pray regularly! 
June, Jenni, and Tori are all doing well, and now we're helping them prepare for the ward Temple trip in June! 

Yesterday was an interesting day.
We went to a special stake conference and got to witness the birth of Gosford Australia Stake, and someone opposed the new Stake President. We got a ride home from a member and started to chitchat, a couple of conversation topics later, we were almost in Sydney!! None of us realised that we were going in the wrong direction! The ride back seemed heaps longer.

Then we went to visit a referral who happens to be a Pentecostal Missionary for the Church of Christ. We walked in at the end of her service in her home. The congregation consisted of 2 young Filipinos and their old Aussie husbands...Lots of Hilsong and then "tithing" got passed around. Let me remind you, this is in their home. Then we got Bible bashed, thankfully we were able to get out of there in 40 minutes.

Afterwards, when we were on the bus, there was an old drunk man getting off, and his pants fell down so everyone saw his bare butt...what ever happened to wearing underwear?

Despite all the weird events, I learned heaps.

Our church leaders, whether they are the Prophet, Apostles, Stake Presidents, Bishops, etc. are called by God through revelation to those holding the Priesthood keys. this is the Lord's church, and things are done in His way. As members of the church, we accept the responsibility to do what the Lord asks of us. If we truly have faith in Jesus Christ, we will be willing to follow Him, and trust that everything is happening according to His will. 
Prophets are called by God to testify of Christ, and to warn and protect us. When we heed the prophet's counsel, we will not be led astray and we will be safe. We can avoid misery, sorrow, and pain. I was studying this earlier today, and it's so true!!! Following the prophets is one of the greatest commandments. I think about the times where I didn't listen, even to the most simplest of things like daily scripture study and prayer, and how much better off I would've been if I had followed His teachings. 
I also learned that as a missionary/minister, we don't need to know everything. It's okay to not know the answers to questions that people have. This Gospel and this life in general is all about continual learning and growth. It never ends!! (It's a good thing I'm Chinese and I enjoy studying...everyone here assumes that I'm good at math, little do they know I got held back a year in math). 

Everything else is Newcastle is going well. I love this work, even if it makes me exhausted by the end of everyday. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. 

I hope you are all well! I love you :) 

Sister Lew

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