Hello from Sydney!

Hello from Sydney!

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Rain, rain, GO AWAY

Seriously, this rain is killing me. It needs to stop. 

Do you want to know what's crazy? I went to the Temple for the first time one year ago. Time flies by so fast. I can't believe it's already May. I'm excited for this month. Good things are happening in the mission. However, winter is coming, and proselyting in skirts is no bueno when it's cold and windy. 

It's been an up and down week. In terms of finding and referrals, we have 6 new awesome investigators, 2 of whom are Chinese and are preparing to be baptised at the end of the month!! Billy, on the other hand, is avoiding us and that scares me heaps. He is SO prepared for the Gospel. I don't know what's going on. But we just keep praying that the will of the Father will happen and he will accept the Gospel in his own time. 

We had an amazing fast and testimony meeting. Jenni turned and asked me if she should bear her testimony, and I said, "if you want to", so she immediately got up.  She bore the most incredible testimony. It was simple and powerful. The spirit was so strong! She was saying how everyone was telling her not to go to church, especially with her health condition. She was so tempted not to go, but she prayed and received confirmation that she needed to go, and so she came and she knows she made the right decision. I am so proud of her!!! Words cannot express the joy I feel from seeing Jenni's growth and progression in the Gospel. It blows my mind! 

This week, we had interviews with President and Sister Howes. Those interviews are always so amazing. The love from President and Sister Howes gives me a glimpse of the love my Heavenly parents have for me. I hardly see Pres and Sis Howes, and I've known them for less than a year, but the love I have for them is so strong. I've learned so much from them. I'm really sad to see them go, but super stoked for the new mission president. 

What else happened...

We had tradeoffs with the STL's this week, so that was cool! I was with Sister Metta who's from Papua New Guinea. She has an AMAZING voice, so talented.

I bought a onesie at K-mart for $12...best investment ever. It's so fluffy I'm going to die. 

Sister Yu (from Aberdenn) with her face mask on
Life in Newcastle is great. I love it here and the ward is amazing. The missionaries are so great and I am so thankful for God's love for me, he knows that I need to be here at this time to learn and progress. This Gospel is amazing, and I feel like it's changed my life heaps more than the people I've been teaching in these past 10 months. It's a beautiful Gospel and it's because Heavenly Father loves us enough to send Christ as our Saviour and Redeemer. 

I can't wait to talk to Mum&Dad&Jessie on Mother's day!!!!

Love you all heaps,
Sister Lew

Finally, our all mission Christmas photo

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