Hello from Sydney!

Hello from Sydney!

Monday, May 18, 2015

Winter is coming...

With Bianca a recent convert

I'm so glad I got to talk to you guys yesterday!!! (sorry Chris and Alex... :(  )

Happy Mother's Day to the best mum in the world!! 
I was thinking about the motherly influences in my life and I'm so grateful to have such great examples. This includes the best mum in the whole world, strong and courageous grandmothers, aunties who always give advice, and the mums from church, whether you were my youth leaders, teachers, or parents of my best friends. I've learned what qualities I want to obtain as I prepare to be a mother in a million years time. So to all you mother's that have impacted my life, THANK YOU! I love you all!

Mother's day was great this year!  Sacrament meeting was very touching, and then the Priesthood had costco cheesecake and apple pie for refreshments for all of the sisters afterwards. :)
Then we had an awesome feed at the Boeree's home. Their family is amazing, I'm so grateful for the Newcastle ward and how they really take us in like family. Their love and support has helped us so much in this work. 

Mother's Day Dessert with Sister Boeree.
This week has been hectic! We had a training meeting on Monday for all of the trainers which went to almost 9 pm. It was SO good. Although much of it was the same content as when I first came into the mission, the impact was so much stronger. I've started to rediscover my purpose as a missionary. Because of this, it made calling home heaps easier. I was less distracted and more focused on what Heavenly Father wants for me and His children. So much new revelation was received on how I can improve and best do this work. 
We also had a zone training meeting on Wednesday which was focused on feeling our purpose. It seems to be a common theme, but it's definitely inspired. 

Wednesday we had a Zone p-day at the beach and that was really fun! We played a long game of touch footy...haven't played that since senior year, and I was so sore afterwards. 

Zone P-day at the beach

Sister Metta, Sister Remington, Sister Smith, Sister Hu

Aside from the fun and revelation received, we've also had miracles!
During our 5 hour session of weekly planning (yes, it took FIVE HOURS), we were confirming with Shulin and Allen, our Chinese investigators with baptismal dates, to see if they're coming to church, because they said they would. Then Shulin hesitated and said he had a lot of assignments due and that he couldn't come. Eventually, the spirit guided the conversation and he agreed to come to church. Then the next day, his ride was 45 minutes late, and he called us saying he wasn't going to come because he didn't think his lift would show up. However, in the middle of sacrament meeting he walked in with a suit on! (We made a boo boo and forgot to tell him what to wear the first Sunday he came to church). At the end of church, he told the elders he was glad he came to church because he learned a lot and he wants to keep learning. He basically said that he has so much he needs to do, but he knows God needed him at church. That's amazing to hear from someone that we've taught 2 times!!! 

Other miracles...we got fed when we forgot to plan our lunch and dinner and didn't have time to buy groceries! Heavenly Father is definitely looking out for us. 

Also, we got back in touch with Chris!!! Our Korean investigator. We went over and he made us a Korean feed and we were able to really figure out what was holding him back and he's agreed to continue meeting with us to seek the truth and if it is for him. 

Something that's been on my mind lately is how relevant the Gospel is to each person in their own individual circumstances. The Gospel is applicable to EVERYONE, and more specifically, the Atonement. We have trials and challenges and we assume that no one knows how we're feeling because they've never experienced it, but Christ suffered for each one of us individually. Regardless of the obstacles we have, Christ knows how we feel, and if we truly have faith in Him, our burdens will be lifted, our guilt, sorrow, and pain are taken away. 
No one said the Gospel will make life care-free and easy, but it makes it more bearable. It reminds us of our purpose and our individual worth. It builds us up to become the very best that we can be. 

This is the last week of transfers! My goodness.... 

I hope you all have a good week. Remember to choose the right. 

I love you all!
Sister Lew

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