Hello from Sydney!

Hello from Sydney!

Monday, April 6, 2015


Central Coast & Newcastle ZC March 2015

That's right, I had the ultra-sound and everything, and it's a girl! Well it's been 9 months since being on my mission and I'm due on Wednesday! :) Perfect timing.  I found out on Friday night when we had a mission-wide conference call…nine missionaries are leaving and 26 missionaries are coming in this transfer. Sister Weiss is a travelling sister in Harbour City (Jealous!!) and I will be training a greenie starting Wednesday! Ah! Scary!

This week has been hectic! Especially the last few days with Easter and transfers.

Last Monday, we went out to Shoal Bay to hike with the Medowie sisters and Charlestown Elders. That was fun! I haven't hiked in heaps long. The view was gorgeous and I just keep thinking how amazing the world is. I look at how beautiful nature is and I can't deny that there is a God. 

Hiking Shoal Bay with the Medowie sisters.

June got baptised on Saturday!! We met with her almost everyday this week to finish teaching her so she could have her baptismal interview. It is amazing how prepared she was to receive the Gospel. She has such a great understanding of it and wants to share it with her family. Her sisters came up for the baptism and it was really cool. She's so cool! She's really independent and I admire how she's willing to rely on members. Her baptismal service was really nice and simple, just the way it should be. 

June's Baptism
We have a new investigator, Billy, who we met at English class and came to church for Easter Sunday! He has a little bit of a Christian background and really wants to learn more about Jesus Christ. He accepted the invitation to be baptised on May 2nd. He's from Monglia and is super keen to learn more about Christ and to follow Him. 

We met with Laura and she's still pretty keen. She's younger than me and it's amazing that she's so interested in learning about Christ and His Gospel...to be honest, I wish more of my friends saw the need for it in their lives. Understanding how Christ and His Atonement can help us in our lives makes it so much easier to live our lives and go in a direction that will bring us happiness. Who doesn't want to be happy?
We still haven't been able to meet with Jason, which is a shame, but this week hopefully! Everyone is on holiday, so it's kind of hectic. 

Jenni is doing really well and so is Tori. They both had us over for dinner this week, and it was nice to be with them. We were with Jenni and her daughter, Kelsie, and her son, Sammy. Kelsie is hilarious…she's 17 and has an 18 month old. I just can't imagine how hard it would be to be that young and have a kid...I look at myself 2 years ago and I had no idea what I was doing. I reflect back and think, 'woah, I've grown up heaps since then'. and at that time, I thought I was grown and mature. She is an amazing young woman who is very mature and I know that she's in this situation because God knows she can handle it very well. 
Tori and mark are doing great, they're super cool. I love hanging out with them. They've already started talking about when and where they want to get sealed!

It's been rainy all week, but we did have a beautiful Easter Sunday. 
We had meal appointments pretty much every day and we got heaps of chocolate. and by heaps, I mean HEAPS. 

So many things are happening in the mission! There were a lot of transfers made, especially with so many new missionaries coming in. I received the call to train the day after transfer calls and I am nervous as. I'm super excited, but super terrified to lead this area. Sister Weiss was an amazing companion and set the bar really high. The members absolutely love her and she is a very good missionary. It's not that I feel inadequate by any means, but it's just a lot of pressure. I'm grateful for Newcastle ward because there are so many members who are willing to help, so that makes it a little easier. Four missionaries from Newcastle are leaving: Elders Brimhall, Wheatley, and Parker, and Sister Weiss :(  They're the missionaries I was closest to in the ward, but that's okay. Their talents and skills and wisdom are needed elsewhere. I loved having Sister Weiss as a companion. Even though we're so different, we got a long really well. She's helped me grow in so many ways, especially to be more confident and bold in myself and in the missionary work. I'm really going to miss her, but I'm excited for the greenie fire that's coming to Newcastle 3!! 

Gonna miss Sister Weiss
Right now I'm working with Sister Vaovasa and we're both training, so she's staying with me and we'll go down to Sydney to get trained then receive our new comps! :) I'm so excited! Terrified but excited!! 

Easter was really good! We had a great sacrament program on different aspects of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and how Easter is all about the fact that Christ lives! He truly does live and because of that, we all can as well. We taught sharing time, which was a lot of fun. I love being in the primary. We didn't have any appointments for Easter until after transfer calls and we scored a lunch and dinner appointment with the Metcalf's and the Boeree's, then we hung out at the Parkes'. They're such great families and I love being in their homes. The spirit is very present and it feels so good when you walk in, especially when things are hard on the mission, being in a member's home where you can actually feel the spirit is the best thing ever. 

Easter morning sunrise walk

Easter morning sunrise walk

Easter morning sunrise walk

Easter morning sunrise walk

Easter morning sunrise walk
We watched the General Women's conference all about families and that was pretty cool, I'm stoked for General Conference this weekend!! It is so great that we have a living prophet today to warn and guide us and to testify of the living Christ.

Elder Brimhall's light coloured suit for Easter!
I know that my Saviour and Redeemer lives. Because of Him, we can learn, grow, experience love and joy, and we can have eternal life with our loved ones. It's that simple. Accepting Christ into our lives brings us so much joy. It always troubles me when I find people who aren't willing to experience that joy for themselves. It's actually heartbreaking. We come to love people as Christ does, and we get rejected and persecuted, but we keep going because the message that we share needs to be offered to everyone. 

If you haven't already checked out the video, watch it! helives.mormon.org
It's beautiful!!

Anyways, I hope you all have a good week. I love you!

Sister Lew

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