Hello from Sydney!

Hello from Sydney!

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Contemporary Nuns

Elder Arona - he dies this transfer. He's been my AP since I've been here!
Apparently, sister missionaries are just like contemporary nuns...I can deal with that. Other than the fact that we're nothing like nuns (nothing against nuns, I love nuns, we're just totally different)

This is week 8 of our 8 week transfer! It's flown by so fast! This week has been pretty full on. We painted our Stake president's house for service, Sister Weiss broke her toe, zone conference, quite a few teaching appointments, a few dinner appointments, and then just the regular work. 

While we were at our stake presidents house, he gave us (us and the zone leaders) this really great talk about how to help youth prepare for missions. So many don't know what they need to do to be worthy to go (myself included) before they start their mission papers. Especially with Law of Chastity. I don't know why some people make it seem like such a 'taboo' topic, but it's so important for youth to be aware of what they can and can't do. He told us about a fireside he had with the youth recently, and he let them ask questions, then he laid out in black and white what is acceptable and what's not, what will cause you to go through the repentance process, and ways to maintain worthy so that the application process is much smoother. It was really good. Our stake president and his family are way cool. 

Zone conference was heaps good! It was all about working with the ward to hasten the work. Involving the ward is SO important. But it's so hard when we, members, are hard to approach, or come off with the attitude that we're not willing. Ward involvement is so key because the people that missionaries bring into the church will be in that ward, the missionary will leave, and if the members aren't involved, then the chances that recent convert will go less active are much higher because they don't feel included. Wow, that was a long sentence. But it's so true! I wish I had done a much better job studying PMG as a youth and been willing to fellowship for the missionaries. Especially during that 6 week period I was at home. Also, allow the missionaries to come and strengthen the members, not just the investigators. Build relationships with them so that you can trust them because they are doing such an important work. When we have members' support, we feel much more capable about doing the work. I love the members we work with. They're so great!! Not only because they feed us (we had appointments almost every night), but because their testimonies have helped us so much. They're keeping us in line for being obedient and diligent.

The Boeree's...they're tall!
We also got to watch Meet the Mormons again. You should see if you can get it online or something and watch it as a family!! It's pretty good.

Meet the Mormons in a movie theatre! 
I also got your package, finally!!! Thanks so much, mum, for the exercise clothes! I love your jacket, it's so nice and cozy. We were playing soccer and it was 13 C, so it was perfect!! and thanks daddy for the treats and goodies!! They're delicious :) and for the nice surprise!! I love you both so much!!! Elder Laurenson and Elder Arona said that you're pretty cool. Did you get to talk to them much?? 

What else is new.. 

June is doing well! Still on date for this Saturday, so please pray for her. Her sisters are coming up for her baptism, so that'll be really exciting! We have heaps to teach still, but she is so keen.
So is Laura! We watched the Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration with her and she loved it, even with all of its cheesiness. It's such a great movie, and confirms my testimony of the Restoration and that Joseph Smith is a prophet of God and restored the Priesthood authority to the Earth. We weren't able to see Jason last week, but hopefully we'll see him this week. 

Us & Laura at Max Brenner
Jenni is doing really well! She bore her testimony in church yesterday and it was really nice!! (yesterday was fast and testimony meeting because next week is invitation Easter sunday). 

Jenni's Baptism
Shane Tarawa (part of the giant Maori family) passed away on Friday night. They embalm the body and keep it in the house in an open casket, and people can come by and pay their respects, sit and talk with him, and hold services. Yesterday after church, we went over and they had a nice testimony meeting while sitting around Shane. It was really nice. There were even less actives bearing testimony, and it was so powerful. The Plan of Salvation is real. There is no end to life. Death is simply a separation of our spirits and bodies. We sat around, broke our fast, and then sang songs, which was really cool. That family can sing! The whole Tarawa clan is really chill, I love hanging out with them.  Speaking of less actives, we went to visit Travis and Kirby (PM family) Tarawa and then they came to church on Sunday!! He's been telling us for 3 months they'll come to church and they haven't. But to see them was so lovely. The ward welcomed them in so easily and it was really nice to see them together, all dressed up. :)

I think that's about it for that week. 

I'm so excited for Easter! What better time to preach and testify of Christ than during the time he was resurrected?! He is our Saviour and our Redeemer. He suffered and died for us, overcoming sin for us. He was resurrected, and over came death for us. How cool is that?

Here are a couple of good readings I read this week. I love how everything that is prayerfully studied is so applicable to my current spiritual needs. 

Go Forth in Faith - Elder Perkins

It Isn't a Sin to Be Weak - Sister Ulrich

I read a scripture today that I never picked up on, but I thought was really cool. 
1 Nephi 4:3 
"Now behold ye know that this is true...wherefore can ye doubt?" 
When you know the Gospel is true, there is no room for doubt. There is not point in doubting. Truth is truth. and that's what the Gospel is. Why doubt?

I hope you're all doing well. I'm praying for Poh Poh and for all of you. 

Have a great week and a great Easter!!! 


Sister Lew

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