Hello from Sydney!

Hello from Sydney!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015



So big news...

As of today, I have a car! I got certified on Saturday!! And surprisingly, I feel okay driving! The power of the Priesthood is real. I was freaking out after watching the Driving Safety DVD because it was scary. I was nervous and was thinking, "I'll suck it up, take the bus, it's a good finding tool" (because it is).  Then Elder Nielson, my zone leader, asked if I wanted a blessing, and that was the answer to my prayers, even though I hadn't thought about it (always think of getting a blessing, it's one of the greatest solutions). Christ always blessed the people, and especially during times of discomfort. Elder Watts gave me a beautiful and simple blessing, reminding me to put my faith in Christ. Obedience to the mission rules and the laws of the land are important. I felt HEAPS better afterwards, then I took my test with Elder Finch and I felt so good on the road! Very alert and aware of my surroundings, but not driving nervously. The Elders were kind enough to wake up at 5:30 to get my car from the other elders who aren't driving but it's in their area. BLESSINGS AND MIRACLES. I know that the priesthood is the real authority of God. It is a blessing to have worthy priesthood holders around. 

Sister Uitu and me.
This week has been a very trying week. I think training has brought out the worst in me, and I am learning my weaknesses way faster than I would have liked to. But that's okay. I know I'm in this situation to learn. I feel bad for Sister Uitu sometimes because she has to deal with my faults, but she can learn from them as well. She is a great missionary, I just need to learn patience and how to give feed back in a love way. I realised that I have more of a 'tough love' approach, but I guess I can give feed back with love. We're all still learning... It's also hard for me to determine when to let her grow and learn, or when to just do it myself because it's more efficient. 
Working with Sister Uitu has taught me so much. I've learned the things that I'm lacking to help our investigators feel the Saviour's love for them. I've also learned the things that have helped me be successful as a missionary. I'm starting to see my potential as a representative of Jesus Christ because I've seen it in her. 

Our investigators are progressing well! Billy has been coming to church and we've been able to meet with him heaps. He's super keen and wants to come closer to God. Miracle! His sister has been investigating the church in Mongolia, and they had no idea that each other was learning about the Gospel until last week. I know that Heavenly Father is really wanting to bless their family. Please pray that he will be set to be baptised on May 2nd, and continue to progress. 

We've also met with Chris & Jason, who are progressing as well. It's kind of hard with language barriers, but thank goodness I can kind of speak Chinese and we have a RM who served in Korea. 

Effective finding has been our struggle this week. Although we've been able to talk to heaps of people, it's hard since many are very atheist. We've met a lot of people that have relatives or friends that are LDS, and they're very nice! No return appointments, but they're willing to take a pass-along card and pamphlet. That's always a blessing. Planting seeds at its finest. haha. 

The mission is the best thing that's happened to me so far. One thing I've really learned is how to use the Atonement in my life. It is central and key to everything we do. I absolutely love it. It's a beautiful gift that God has given us so that we can have everlasting happiness. 

I hope you all have a good week!! Keeping you in my prayers :) And please pray for me that I will be safe on the road. 

Alofa atu,
Sister Lew

More Chinese food!!

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