Hello from Sydney!

Hello from Sydney!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Proverbs 28:25 - Every missionary's motto

25 He that is of proud heart stirreth up strifebut he that putteth his trust in the Lord shall be made fat.

As a missionary, all we do is put our trust in the Lord (hopefully), and thus the excessive weight gain of missionaries.  That was my fun fact for the day. 

This week has been crazy. I love Newcastle! It's very open and gorgeous. I can actually see stars at night!! And we have the best sunsets. 

Sunset in Newcastle
Covering two areas is BUSY! It's crazy!! But I love it. I love working with Sister Weiss and Sister Hu. I've learned so much from both of them. So we are covering Charlestown AND Newcastle. That also means we cover both wards...meaning that we had 6 hours of church yesterday. Not only that, but we were at church for 11.5 hours with meetings and a member baptism, which we helped out at. 

I still haven't gone tracting yet, but I think we will be having that experience very soon. Working with families is very different. I was used to the city, people with money, and people with #1stworldproblems. Everyone was fairly educated for the most part and had big ambitions. There's not a ton of poverty here, but lots of people with financial problems, marriage problems, and health problems. So, many people don't have much interest in religion or are too set in their ways, that it's super hard to find people. We had 3 new investigators last week, which was pretty good! One of them was Chinese!! :) We are currently working with quite a few single mum's with lovely children. Ah kids, that's what I've missed! However, focusing during Sacrament meeting was a bit rough... they're nuts! I'll be honest, it's not what I thought it would be like, but it's good.
Here are lessons I've learned that everyone should apply:

1. Don't gossip - this causes so many problems and tons of stress on everyone. Everything just becomes superficial and the spirit is lacking.
2. Do what the Lord wants you to do, regardless of how awkward or weird it is. It's important that we do the will of the Lord and put our trust in Him. He knows what's best for us. 
3. Bible bashing gets you NOWHERE. It removes the spirit so easily. And never get discouraged when people try to bash. So, we got cornered by Jehova's Witnesses. Their intentions were actually really good. They want to find out the truth, but these ladies only believed in the Bible and said we had blind faith. That was frustrating. I do not have blind faith and I'm not naiive. Although I can't explain why I know what I know, I know that it's true. 

Working in a family ward is good though. The members are excited to help with the work, it's just making sure that they love and trust us. We don't get fed heaps, but we get fed! :) Tonight we're going to a Maori family's place for dinner. It's nice and rainy today...it's been in the high 30s and HOT. 

Another fun fact!!
Watch this Mormon message :) Sister Osmotherly is a member in the Charlestown ward, and we went to that house! She actually moved, so we helped her clean, pack, and move the remaining bits of it. She's just as hilarious in real life! And she's pregnant!! 

Sorry this email is super short. Honestly, it's busy and we're doing the work. Heavenly Father loves us and we are his children. Something that was really cool... we were working with an investigator who's made some mistakes and now regrets it. As we introduced the Atonement, we taught about the power of the Priesthood and said that it heals and that Priesthood blessings work according to our faith. In that one lesson she went from being nervous and not wanting us there to asking in her prayer and asking us how she can increase her faith in Jesus Christ. It was really really neat to see. When we have faith, God can work miracles in our lives.
Also, something else that's important is focusing on the things we DO know, not our doubts or the things we are unsure of. 
God lives. Jesus is the Christ. We have a living prophet. and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the true restored Gospel of Jesus Christ on the Earth. It's so true. And I KNOW that with my whole heart. I can never deny it. 

I love you all heaps! 
Sister Lew

Sister Weiss and I

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