Hello from Sydney!

Hello from Sydney!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

2015 - Which Way Do You Face?

Happy New Year!! 2015 has been crazy in the city already!

Thanks Emi Lew for the beautiful drawing!

Thanks for all the cards and letters
Sydney has been PACKED with tourists for the holidays, and especially for the NYE fireworks, which unfortunately, we weren't allowed to see. But that is okay because I got to sleep at 10:30! 
We did our countdown at 10:02 with Appletiser and then got ready for bed. It was very nice and relaxing. One of the best NYE's to be honest because of how low key it was. And on Jan 1, Sister Nolan made homemade cinnamon rolls and orange rolls for us! They were delicious! :) I think that will be my new tradition...cinnamon rolls on New Years Day! 

It's been a good week! Very exhausting and it's hard to stay focused and obedient and not slack off or be lazy. I feel like we're hitting a dead end with some of our investigators...they're just not progressing, and we're trying to follow the spirit to know how to help them, but it's hard! It's especially hard when you love them so much but don't know how to help yet. Nora has been doing great though!! She's really grown in the Gospel. Sister Craig came to our lesson with her and she used to have a Mongolian companion, so she connected them on FB. I wish we had more Mongolian members in the area because we currently don't have any other than Nora. We did have a miracle, John! It still blows my mind how prepared people are to receive the Gospel. We all knew about it in the Pre Earth life, and it brings a familiar ring to them when they learn about it in this life. WHICH ONLY MEANS THAT IT IS TRUE! One thing that he said really stuck out to me. We were discussing the Great Apostasy, and then went into the Restoration. He thought we were still in a state of apostasy, but when he learned about the Restoration, it made sense that God wouldn't stop talking to us! It was really neat. 

We had a lot of miracles, little tender mercies, from Heavenly Father this week. A couple of our appointments either fell through, or were post-poned, and we had fellowship with them, but then someone would either walk into the chapel for a lesson, or we were able to get fellowship at the last minute. (Yes, it seems disorganised, but that is life...) And what was amazing was that even though it didn't go as planned, it was very spirit guided, meaning that the messages and testimonies shared by members, missionaries, and investigators, were all very profound and something that each of us needed to hear at that specific moment. We've been trying to work a lot more with the members, and it's been great! The sisters in this ward are awesome. Many of them are RM's or prospective missionaries, and they're very gung ho about the work.

This week, it's been really hard not to get discouraged easily. I feel as though my efforts aren't going anywhere sometimes, even though I know they are and that everything is a slow and steady process. I know I need to work harder and be more consecrated. It's hard not to fall back into being a typical 19 year old teenage girl. People actually think I'm in my mid-20s here...it's pretty funny. 

Speaking of being more consecrated and diligent, this brings me back to the title of this letter, Which Way Do You Face? based off of the talk given at last General Conference. It's come up a lot lately in church the past 2 weeks, as we are starting a new year and everyone is forming goals and resolutions. I've been evaluating which way I faced in 2014 regarding specific areas in my life, and made a goal to make sure that I'm facing the saviour in all aspects of my life. Today I read Ezekiel 18:32 wherefore turn yourselves, and live ye. 
We all need to turn towards are Saviour, and by doing so, we can live more fulfilling lives AND receive eternal life. I'd like to encourage you all to make goals on how we can turn ourselves toward Christ. 

Well, it's the last week of my 3rd transfer! Some of the biggest lessons I've learned are OBEDIENCE, and love, and prioritizing. 
Obedience is so important. Not only are we safe, but we receive blessings and peace. 
Love - love everyone around you as Christ does. It's hard not to judge, trust me, I was the queen of judging. but as we come to love people for who they are and encourage them to come closer to Christ, we feel so much joy in our lives. 
Priorities - This Christmas season, I was able to really learn about the important things in life. friends, family, but most importantly, the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The simple things in life we take for granted are the things that bring us true happiness. Although they may be simple, we need to work hard at them. It's so worth it though!! 

BTW, the next two P-days will be on Tuesday! This week I hit my 6 month mark...Crazy!!!! I've got a year left, meaning I have a year to grow, experience miracles, and be as close as I can to my Heavenly Father in this life. Thank you for all of your love and support!! 

Sister Tseng and Sister Cluff leave next transfer...which is very heartbreaking. Sister Tseng and I have worked well together this last transfer. We've learned a lot from each other. Hopefully we still got one more so I can kill her! ;) 

ALSO, one more thing. For those of you in HK, especially in Vic 1, one of my friends from my BYU ward, Sister Sharp is serving in Vic 3, so please give her friendly hello's and what not. She's awesome! 

oh yeah, and the new mission president has been announced!! President Checketts. 

Love you all heaps! Have a great week!
Sister Lew

There's a new liquid nitrogen ice cream place near by...sooo yummy

Thumbs up Hot Pot where one of the members works. I had dan dan mian (SO YUMMY) and chong you bing! So good! And the member bought us extra stuff, like cold chicken in chili and sesame paste!

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