Hello from Sydney!

Hello from Sydney!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Week 18 - 4 Months

HARRO! I reached 4 months yesterday! Which means...14 more to go! wooohooo

This week was awesome! One bummer is that many people aren't able to meet with us because they're all busy with finals :(  I was on trade offs with Sister Ah Fua for 3 days, so that was fun. 

Hmmm highlights:
Yan Lin is getting baptized on Nov 29!! Awesome! She's so solid. So golden. We love her!

Tanner Roberts, a member in our ward from Utah, got his mission call to South Africa!

Ethan, who worked with Elder Easton and Elder Marshall, got baptized on Thursday! It was a beautiful service! Michaela Ball, Lynn Chia, and Rob Le (all members), sang beautiful musical numbers instead of giving talks. They all had to do with baptism and the Holy Ghost though. It was really cool. Our investigator, Amin, came to the baptism and he really enjoyed it. He can't wait to get baptized. He and Ethan became friends, which was good, since they're both Persian.

We did lots of finding this week...so I was on my feet A LOT. I've also been running almost every day...so I'm starting to get over the 'sore' feeling.
Joyce went to the Temple for the first time to do baptisms!! We're so proud of her! Her faith in the Gospel is amazing. Such a great member! We love her!!!!!
DTM this week was great...we talked about our true potential as Heavenly Father's children and we need to use it as much as we can. Especially while in the city..there are so many people who are prepared for the Gospel, and they may not know about it if we don't rise up to our potential and talk to and teach them.

Zone movie day!  Sister Ho came back to visit us!
Oh yeah, last week, for pday, we watched 4 movies... hahah
Frozen, Despicable Me, Space Jam, and How to Train Your Dragon 2...(Alex, I'm still SO sorry I lost your Space Jam basketball). It was honestly so weird to watch these movies. Things that seem so innocent in the world are so apostate to a missionary, hahah. Especially all the romance scenes!!!  It was so fun watching Frozen though. It was hard not singing along. The elders now all try to sing Let it Go, but they don't know how to, so they ask me, but I refuse. Hahah. It was weird being with a bunch of missionaries who have never seen it considering EVERYONE and their dog has seen it back home.
English classes have been going well. Those are fun :) Mohammed, one of our regulars, brought us chocolate cake that his share mate made. It was delicious.
Saturday, we helped Sister Craig clean the chapel since everyone backed out at the last minute. Then she bought us pizza for lunch, which was so nice of her! The members here are so great. Sister Craig is an excellent example of someone who magnifies her calling. MAGNIFY YOUR CALLING, YOU WILL BE BLESSED. Every calling in the church is important to Heavenly Father and there's a reason he called you to be what you are…I'm not too sure how I could word that better.

Thanks for the pizza Sister Craig!
Yesterday was Sister Dick's birthday, so we made a cake using pound cake, jam and whipped cream and then had a lamington tower. The Dicks are great! So are the Nolans! Elder Nolan is getting better and should be home soon!

We're in the midst of planning the first Chinese Conference for the missionaries!!! It's going to be awesome. We're working on how to teach Chinese people and meeting their needs, understanding their background, and trying to help them gain their testimonies. It will be sweet. 

That's about it for now! Just a little thought to leave with you is that "acceptable is not perfect". We needed to come to earth, to gain a body, to experience burdens, trials, sorrow, grief, pain, happiness, joy, love, and peace to become acceptable in the presence of Heavenly Father. The Atonement helps us do that. As we strive to become perfect, we do become perfect, but we can't just be perfect...does that make sense?
It does to me…

I've started the book of Mormon again! AHH, I just love it! So much new knowledge every time I read it. I'm in the Isaiah chapters right now in 2 Nephi. Christ lives!!!

Thanks for the donuts and treats!! Everyone was jealous haha. Don't worry, I shared. 

Dad dropped of a bag of goodies from home and 2 dozen donuts!

Have a great week!!!
Sister Lew

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