Hello from Sydney!

Hello from Sydney!

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Week 16 - I'm gonna find my cousin!

So the title of this week's letter is "I'm gonna find my cousin". So that comes from this annoying as but super catchy music video about family history on lds.org. You should check it out. It's made me really want to get into doing family history work, something I know I'm slacking on... 

This week was probably the longest week so far in the field, but it was so good! Always so full of miracles! 

The start of a new transfer!! I absolutely love Sister Ah Fua and Elder Arnold. His Chinese is significantly better than mine, so it really motivates me to want to learn more. It's hard when the Chinese peoples' English is better than my Chinese....It is quite different without Sister Ho and Elder Fowler, but we love our missionaries! 

My week was good! We had a bit of finding time and have 6 new investigators! Not quite sure how solid they are yet, but one of them came to church on Sunday! We met her at a bus stop. Her name is Grista and she's from China. She said she would come to church, but then we weren't sure because she never replied to our texts...but then she came right after sacrament meeting. It's weird being on the other end of missionary communication. I used to get annoyed by how persistent missionaries are with their investigators... but I now understand why it's so important and why they do it. It's because we truly come to love these people and just want to share the sweetness and goodness of the Gospel with them. 

I've really been focusing on working with Chinese people. I've come to realize that I was called to serve in Sydney, Mandarin speaking to bring the Chinese people closer to the Gospel and closer to our Saviour. There's a reason why Heavenly Father called me in the time that he did. All of my experiences of living in Hong Kong, having both the American and Chinese culture in my background, and my terrible and basic language skills have prepared me to work with these people. I understand them a lot better than people who have no concept of Chinese culture. It's still incredibly hard to discern what they're thinking and what their concerns are, but I have an idea and I can relate to them a lot more easily.
Also, random side note, I sincerely apologize for not practicing piano when I was younger. You provided me with such great opportunities, and I'm sorry for wasting all the time and money. But I am DETERMINED to play much better throughout and after my mission. 

Sorry my thoughts are a little scattered today. 

Also...I HAD MY FIRST BAPTISM! Okay it wasn't 'mine', but it was Heavenly Father's. But I was there since the first or second lesson. She was contacted the transfer before I came in, but then didn't start taking the lessons until I came into the area. Her name is Joyce and she's from China. She is absolutely incredible! Watching her grow in the Gospel has been a unique experience, and it's an amazing feeling to know that I was able to help with the conversion process. She was baptized on Saturday along with 3 other people: Sam, Win, and Jessie. It was a beautiful service. Sister Kuo and I sang 'If the Savior Stood Beside Me' and then a couple people gave great talks. I think my favourite part was when those who were getting baptised bore their testimonies. They were simple and beautiful. Knowing that baptism can wash away our sins and that we can repent everyday is a great blessing. We can become better and better. There is nothing that we can do that the Atonement of Jesus Christ can't fix. 

The members have been great this week! They're always so willing to help us with our lessons and come out finding with us. I love the missionary enthusiasm here! It's weird to think that they're only a few years older than us missionaries...some of them just got off their missions...and some are even younger than us! We really try hard not to be YSA but to be dignified in our work. 

Something I've been working on this week is acting on 'hunches'. Just go with my gut feeling, which is the promptings of the Holy Ghost. As I've done this, miracles have happened. I've gained more confidence in talking with people and trusting the spirit. I also know that sometimes when we don't act on them, Heavenly Father will give us a second chance...sometimes! haha
This week, we went to Victoria Park and a man advertising for Greenpeace stopped us and said he was a member. At first I was a little judgmental, and I'm mad at myself for it, but he had a ton of piercings and long hair, but he was a super friendly and sweet guy! I thought to invite him to our ward, but then didn't...and then I kept thinking about it for the next two days. We went back to Victoria park and he was there again! So I invited him and his friend to church...they didn't come, but I felt a lot better about the situation!! ACT ON YOUR HUNCHES. NO matter how scared you are!! 

Ah it's just been such a crazy and incredible week. It's hard to motivate myself to get up and do the work sometimes because I can't help but be selfish, but then I put myself back into the perspective that I'm here for a reason and that is to bring others closer to Christ...so I need to stop thinking about myself. 

This week will be good...lessons, tradeoffs, Halloween, and Fast Sunday. There's going to be a pretty big Halloween Party on Friday for the YSA...should be fun...they're kicking all of the missionaries out before the dance haha. anyways, Hope you all are doing well! Love you heaps and heaps!!! 

Sister Lew

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